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Herbal Anxiety Treatments – Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Herbal Anxiety Treatments – Natural Remedies for Anxiety


Herbal anxiety treatments were for the longest time the only available treatment for anxiety; only recently have their been more advancement made in medication to relieve anxiety. Yet even with the new evolution of medication most people tend to revert to herbal anxiety treatments. Before we explore more herbal anxiety treatments let’s review anxiety; anxiety attacks are characterized by sudden irrational bouts of fear or nervousness. Alongside this unsettling event, people also experience physical symptoms such as rapid breathing, an elevated heart rate and muscle spasms and when left untreated, these attacks can quickly degenerate into more serious disorders affecting the general lifestyle of an individual.

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Prescription drugs used to remedy anxiety symptoms include sedatives and antidepressants.  However, many of these drugs result in unpleasant side effects, which leads more people to explore herbal anxiety treatment options. Over the years, there have been different herbal anxiety treatments, which have been adopted and used successfully in treating anxiety attacks. These include herbal teas, aromatherapy and herbal supplements. The following are some of the common natural herbs available today

Herbal Teas

The effects of teas as a herbal anxiety treatment can go a long way towards relieving the symptoms of anxiety attacks. Some of the common herbs include:

  • Chamomile – An ancient herb, Chamomile has long been used for the relief of stress and tension. Chamomile tea is extremely pleasant and can be drunk with honey or some other natural herb. Drinking a few cups each day will help calm you during the day. You can also use it in aiding your sleeping habits.
  • Saint John’s Wort – Long before the introduction of modern methods of controlling anxiety attacks, Saint John’s Wort was used by people who were suffering from such condition. The herb acts as anti-depressant relieving people of their unpleasant moods. Saint John’s Wort can be added to tea and used in calming nerves. It is however also used as an essential oil in aromatherapy.
  • Passion Flower – The actions of a passion flower are sedative in effect.  This makes the herb a great choice for people who are having difficulties sleeping peacefully during the night. The calming effect of passion flower can also be used in easing the symptoms of an anxiety attack. Passion flower herbal tea is derived from the petals and leaves of the plant


The strength of aromatherapy as a herbal anxiety treatment option lies in the discovery that different fragrances affect the mood of people. Thanks to this, sweet smelling herbs can be used in relieving the stress of the body. Aromatic herbs can also be used in regulating the heart rate and emotions of a person. This makes them an effective way of lifting the moods of people. Some of the more common aromatic herbs used includes

  • Lavender – Lavender is more than just a sweet smelling herb although that in itself possesses incredibly soothing properties. Its sweet smell can be relied on to calm the nerves of people who are under a lot of tension. Lavender can either be used in its natural form as flowers or applied as essential oil.  People who are under a lot of stress can also find relaxation by soaking themselves in a hot bath after adding a few drops of lavender in it.
  • Jasmine – As an aromatic herb, jasmine is used in the treatment of several different physical symptoms. Proven to be an effective stimulant of brain waves, the sweet smell of the jasmine flower has been used for many centuries in either calming or lifting the trouble moods of people.
  • Geranium – Few people would fail to appreciate the sweet smell of essential oils containing geranium. Alongside its properties as an antiseptic, geranium is an effective anti-depressant which people can use in easing their stress level during the events of a anxiety attack.

There are many other herbal anxiety treatments to be used in treating anxiety attacks. With the right choices, you will soon be on your way towards putting these unpleasant attacks behind you permanently.

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