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How Does Yoga Help With Anxiety And Stress Relief?

How Does Yoga Help With Anxiety And Stress Relief?

In many ways, it’s easy to understand why Yoga is regularly advised by doctors for help with anxiety and stress relief. Yoga teaches calmness, a relaxed mind, deep breathing and a focus on inner peace which is exactly the opposite of anxiety symptoms. If you are able to harness the teachings of Yoga and apply them to your daily life, you will be able to successfully use it as an anxiety and stress relief.

Anxiety disorders are defined as the crippling conditions for individuals who constantly suffer from unpleasant anxiety attacks. The effects of such attacks are so frightening and depressing that victims are sometimes forced to adopt extreme lifestyle habits in a bid to find anxiety and stress relief. For instance, people who have a phobia for being caught in open spaces tend to restrict themselves primarily to the comforts of their home abandoning their social lives. Another form of disorder is known as social anxiety can also prevent people from speaking in public or flying or socializing with friends and family.

Yoga is a great way to manage your anxiety and stress; why not take the next step and find a permanent cure?

Understanding the side effects and nature of anxiety disorders is pertinent to grasping the core benefits behind Yoga. The danger of an anxiety disorder is not exactly the fear which a person experiences. Instead, it is the physical and physiological symptoms which this fear causes. Rapid breathing, hyperventilation, muscle spasms and feelings of nausea or lightheadedness are just some of the common symptoms experienced during an attack.  Since these panic attacks are caused by situational or episodic triggers, most doctors find ways by which people can obtain anxiety and stress relief.

This is where Yoga is at its best. The calming property of Yoga makes it an excellent option both as a preventive measure and an anxiety and stress relief method in the event of an anxiety attack. With the use of Yoga, people are able to rid themselves of their fear, doubts or depression and instead focus on being peaceful and ultimately happier.  The teachings of Yoga can also be used to quell many of the unpleasant symptoms of an anxiety attack before they reach grave proportions giving people the confidence or strength needed for successfully giving a speech or travel by air.

There are many different forms of Yoga available and can be a little overwhelming but the core of Yoga is all the same; the focus on breathing, relaxation and becoming in tune with your body. So the type of Yoga is not so important; the important thing is to find an environment that is peaceful, supportive and convienent for you. If you go to a class that does not feel right then you won’t continue and you will not find the anxiety and stress relief you crave. If you are not comfortable or do not have access to classes you can rent/buy a DVD which will allow you practice from the comforts of your home. At first the positions may seem uncomfortable or you may feel more anxiety but remember you are not used to being calm or relaxed; these are the feelings you need to surrender to so stick with it. If you go to a class speak with the instructor and let them know why you are there, more than likely they will offer you support and encouragement on your path. They may even spend some 1:1 time with you to help you achieve your anxiety and stress relief goals.



2 comments on “How Does Yoga Help With Anxiety And Stress Relief?

  1. Juan Santiago on said:

    I have suffered from social anxiety disorder since the days of high school. I always felt not good enough or not as good as most people. Where I got this I will never know but one thing is certain: since I’ve been practicing Yoga going on my second year I have noticed a positive outlook and change in my personality. Those poses that I do, especially the ones where I HOLD them for an extended length of time while deep breathing are so beneficial to me. Every Yoga class I take, I always feel like I came out of Sunday church. I feel calm, renewed and stress free. So for me Yoga was my medicine; I think it’s even better than medicine because medications of this type have harmful side effects and are not as natural as Yoga. You can start a beginners class and work your way up to more advanced postures. Believe me, your mind and body will thank you.
    Peace. Namaste.

  2. Hello Juan. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I really appreciate you taking the time. I practice yoga 2-3 times a week and I always leave feeling so much better. I have also incorporated techniques from 8 Minute Meditation by Victor Davich. He really abled me to experience meditation and how to be present. Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now is another one of my favorites.
    Thanks again – Namaste.

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